Trammere Changing Room Facilities Transformed by Hygienic Coatings Division

The Hygienic Coatings Division of the Hankinson Group are proud to continue the relationship with Tranmere Rovers Football Club having completed the refurbishment of the walls to the home changing room, toilets and showers and achieved a 'back of the net' result.

The changing rooms were state of the art when installed in the early 1970's, being one of the first to include showers. However they have remained unaltered since this time due to the prohibitive costs of removing and renewing the tiles, and the disruption this operation would cause leaving the area looking very unappealing.

The recoating, which included a thorough clean down of the existing tiles and the application of Construction Specialities (C/S) Hygienic Mastic to all internal corners and floor and wall tile joints, followed by the application of  4-Coat C/S Wallflex system was completed within one week and ready for the start of the 2014/2015 season. The wall tiles were finished in a crisp white including a blue band matching Tranmere’s home colours. The staff at the club were “over the moon” with the transformation.

The paint system has been used to not only spruce up the changing room's appearance, but also improve hygiene and cleanliness.

The Wallflex paint system is resistant to blood, water and sweat and is anti-microbial, abrasion resistant and is exceptionally durable.

Tranmere Manager Rob Edwards commented: "I've been really impressed by the work carried out by Hankinson Group on our changing room. They have transformed the room into a place that is welcoming to our players and it's clean, fresh, very hygienic and bright. It's now a changing room that our players can be proud to use and one where they’ll hopefully be celebrating lots of wins together."

The durable Wallflex system, which has inherent anti-microbial properties in all system layers, can be repeatedly cleaned with alkaline detergents and antiseptics without any degradation to surface or performance. Due to its elastomeric properties, it is also resistant to cracking or flaking and can be applied to a wide range of substrates primed with one of the C/S Wallglaze Primers.

The Wallflex Coating is perfect for many other environments including kitchens, toilets, food preparation environments, healthcare facilities, operating theatres and areas of high pedestrian traffic. For areas requiring further durability and increased abrasion/impact resistance, fibreglass reinforcement sheets (light or heavy) can be incorporated into the Wallflex system.

Chief Executive Jeremy Butler said: "We are delighted to have found a multi-award winning business in our community with the expertise and knowledge to complete the work. It means we are able to give something back to our community and know that many of the people who worked on the project are proud Tranmere Rovers supporters."

Group Chief Executive Stephen Hankinson said: "As a proud Wirral based company we are delighted to be working with our local team Tranmere Rovers. We love it when our customers are successful, and we wish Tranmere every success in the forthcoming season."