Planned Maintenance Projects








Through a highly experienced workforce and skilled Management Team, We create award winning environments time after time all delivered to a superior quality standard. Project size ranges up to £500,000.

We are specialists in the following sectors:-


  • Leisure Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Coffee Shops
  • Retail Shops and Shopping Malls
  • Education Universities, Schools and Colleges
  • Healthcare Hospitals, Surgeries, Aged Care
  • Managed Housing Apartment Blocks, Public Sector
  • Sports Stadia Golf Clubs, Racecourses, Football and Cricket Grounds
  • Commercial Office, Factories, Warehouses


The benefits of using Hankinson Whittle Property Services include:-

  • Forward planning and cost certainty of maintenance tasks
  • Our attention to detail is well known in the Industry
  • Full flexibility to deliver a planned maintenance service
  • Single point of supply of specialist service
  • Maintaining asset value
  • Full compliance with legislation
  • Safety is a priority
  • Minimise disruption to staff and customers

By working with our clients every stage of the way we can programme to optimise our construction activities around the timetable of our clients. Our depth of experience, technical knowledge and valued engineering skills also ensures we deliver our services cost effectively.