Whittle Nominated for Two Awards for Two Years Running Back

Date published: February 26, 2016

Whittle Programmed Painting Ltd have been nominated for the PPG award for the second year running based on their project with with Ardagh Glass (formally Rockware Glass).  Whittle have worked with Ardagh Glass for the last 30 years and more recently in 2015/16 have undertaken significant painting on the external cladding at the Barnsley site. So when the Irvine site decided to undertake the exterior refurbishment of their site South West of Glasgow it was by recommendation that we were invited to tender.

Whittle have also been shortlisted for the second year running for the PDA Trophy award for their work with Whetherby Racecourse.  Whittle have been working with Whetherby racecourse since 2004, the initial 10 year contract expired in 2014, and has just been renewed for another 12 years.