Exterior Decoration Programme for Housing Trust - TLC James Ltd

This is a new 5 year programme to 500 properties with TLC James Ltd Housing Trust in Northampton, for 12no blocks.  

Priced originally as a tender project, Whittle offered the residents the prospect of the programme concept which included painting 4no blocks per annum with interim servicing on the remainder.

This was accepted and the first 4 blocks were completed in July 2014. Whittle will return to site after the school summer holiday period in September 2014 to complete the annual maintenance service.

Specification: Dulux Weathershield Masonry to render surfaces, with Sikken Filter 7 to all stained woodwork and Hammerite Smooth to balcony steelworks. 

The site sits on the former manufacturing facility of Express Lifts and still has the original lift testing tower within the grounds of the estate, and is now a listed building. 

The work was procured after Whittle requested permission from the Housing Trust to gain access on to the neighbouring roads whilst painting the Churches Stand at the  Northampton Saints Stadium in October 2013.

Diane Dorner, Trust Administrator of TLC James Ltd commented: “We have been extremely pleased with the professional service from Whittle and for their patience from the outset. There have been no real issues that I am aware of and we look forward to seeing the guys back again in September.”