Brocket Hall - Main Hall, Light Well & Gatehouses

Brocket Hall offers a superb range of conference, meeting, sporting, golf, private entertainment and dining facilities just 22 miles from the centre of London.

The 543 Brocket Hall Estate features two championship golf courses. To maintain the impressive appearance of the hall, with its magnificent entrance and light well, the Management took the decision to enter into a long-term maintenance programme with Whittle Programmed Painting.

The project consists of a 10 year maintenance programme which covers the painting and maintenance of the exterior of the hall, gatehouses and the light well. An annual schedule is then drawn up to clean down dirt affected areas and to rectify any damage to paintwork, thus ensuring all painted surfaces have a clean and sound paint finish - and in doing so, avoiding costly repairs.

The Management then decided to add Melbourne Lodge, the 18th century former stables with its 16 luxury bedrooms to the programme, as they were delighted with the professionalism and workmanship of the work carried out on the other areas.



"With their vast experience, Whittle Programmed Painting have managed to access extremely difficult areas of the hall and the light well, thus enabling us to maintain the appearance of these historic buildings to a very high standard, and were also able to offer us a good programme whereby the cost could be spread over the total period of the programme - a very good incentive to clients."

Mr. Andrew Scott
Maintenance Manager