Whittle Help Transform Lode Heath School, Solihull

The Whittle relationship with Lode Heath School began in late 2000, and prior to that date, no significant painting works had been undertaken. Business Manager Pauline Scrivens was impressed with the programmed painting concept and an initial proposal was presented to the school for a six year contract for the internal areas of the main building. This initial proposal was accepted following scrutiny by governors and the LEA, and this first agreement was signed in early 2001.

Year 1 works were completed to the school's satisfaction resulting in a further internal phase being added, which began the following year with further phases added in 2003 and 2005.

In 2006, Whittle undertook a full review of all contracts with Lode Heath School, resulting in all contracts being consolidated into a single agreement also incorporating most of the remaining internal areas of the main school buildings. The new proposal was accepted and commenced a new six-year agreement in 2007.

In 2012, an additional contract was signed for all external surfaces of the School, and in 2013 the internal contract was renewed for a further 6 year term.

The School has consistently praised the performance of the programme delivering an enhanced and maintained school environment.



"Whittle Programmed Painting has been carrying out planned maintenance works at Lode Heath School and Sports College during the past 11 years. The planned model works exceptionally well for us in terms of managing both our budget and our long term needs for maintaining our buildings. In taking this approach, I have guaranteed peace of mind that our buildings are being taken care of, allowing me to focus on the broader school operation."

Pauline Scrivener
School Business Manager