St George's College Roman Catholic Day School

In 2003 work began on what was to become a long term relationship with the then bursar Philip Fletcher, who after undertaking a full survey of the school buildings realised that years of neglect had left the exterior surfaces looking rather tired and worn.

Andrew Simpson - now of Hankinson Painting Group - provided a solution that provided St George's College with a cyclical plan to externally repaint all of the schools buildings at a cost that was both affordable and at the same time provided for annual maintenance to ensure that the buildings did not then deteriorate back to their previous conditions.

Work commenced in 2003 to one elevation of the main building known as “The White House”. This was completed on time and to budget as a pilot for the remaining buildings on the main site. Work soon followed as a detailed programme was agreed upon that saw the remaining surfaces of the White House completely repainted, and a further 22 buildings added to the cyclical maintenance package including all the sports facilities and the exterior surfaces of the Junior School at another site within the town over the next 3 years.

By 2006 work began on the internal surfaces of the Orchard Hall dining room at the main school, and over the following 4 years a further 10 internal areas including all science laboratories, classroom blocks, the music centre and further halls on the Junior School were repainted. Work was undertaken over a phased period to ensure minimal disruption to the day-to-day activities of the school, working closely with the estates department. The school now benefits from annual maintenance servicing that ensures the painted surfaces are maintained to a high, uniform standard.