Heathfield School

The school stands in 36 acres of grounds on the outskirts of Ascot and has done so since Heathfield School was founded in 1899 by Eleanor Beatrice Wyatt, its first headmistress.                                       

The work carried out by Hankinson Painting Group's new Operations Manager for the East Midlands area entailed the complete cleaning and exterior decoration of the boarding house section of the school.

Timing was deemed crucial as Heathfield House is primarily used as a girls boarding house, so work above the ground floor was restricted to times when boarders were not in residence. Following completion of the initial repaint, a programme of works was agreed upon that meant annual maintenance servicing ensured that all of the surfaces were annually cleaned and any paint breakdown rectified.

The work undertaken soon became widely known around the local independent bursars forums and lead to additional business at similar establishments in the locality.

A vital factor in the provision of this project was the close working relationship with ICI. A tailor made specification was established that met the needs of this historic property and meant that ongoing maintenance would be minimal.