Exterior and Interior Courtyard of Castle and Kimbolton House

Whittle Programmed Painting first undertook the exterior repainting of the ‘castle’ building in July 2002. After a successful five year programme, the school renewed the contract for a further six years. At the point of renewal in 2006, the programme was extended to include the bursary and gatehouse. The programme included all exterior painted surfaces and the inner courtyard.

Access to the majority of the surfaces was by mobile elevating working platform (MEWP) with work carried out during the school holiday periods to minimise disruption to the school’s operations. The specification was for Smooth Hammerite finish on railings, crests to be picked out in gold Ardenbrite, and painted walls in Weathershield Masonry Smooth. The original repaint took three men a total of seven weeks, whilst the second repaint took three men a further five weeks with extra areas. This showed an overall saving of almost 30%.

Following on from the exterior programme, Kimbolton School then undertook a complete interior and exterior repaint on Kimbolton House, the boarding house for the school. The work included the removal of the ornate timber façade to gain access to the masonry painted walls and scaffolding to the front elevation. Internally all bedrooms, corridors and passages were repainted. This work took eight weeks to complete.



"A long-term programme, involving regular maintenance and the use of premium grade paint coatings will ensure that Kimbolton School cost-effectively maintains its majestic appearance inside and outside for years to come."

Mr Edward Valletta
School Bursar