Corpus Christi College

Founded in 1352, Corpus Christi was established primarily to train priests. Having survived the tests of time, two plagues, a civil war and an exorcism, the college now boasts not only a rich and colourful history but a host of magnificent architecture as well.

Whittle Programmed Painting were given the honour of being asked to quote for the redecoration of several areas at the college, namely the internals of Fellows Buildings 1 & 2, and the external of staircases 2, 3 & 4, named following a tradition where each section of the building was serviced by an individually numbered staircase.

Having visited the site, Whittle Programmed Painting decided to offer Corpus Christi a maintenance painting programme, feeling that the enhanced aesthetics and increased longevity of the surfaces would provide the structures with the sense of grandeur that they deserved. Upon consideration, Corpus Christi entered into a 5 year maintenance painting contract with Whittle Programmed Painting.

The first year repaint was completed without complication and Whittle Programmed Painting have maintained the buildings for the past 3 years, ensuring that the internals are kept immaculate and maintaining the integrity of the external surfaces, helping to avoid costly repairs.