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Date published: September 14, 2021

 Hankinson Protective Coating team have been working on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council on Greta Bridge Maintenance Painting Works Project.

Greta Bridge was constructed in 1933. The bridge carries the A65 single carriageway road over the River Greta approximately 0.5km southwest of the village of Ingleton. The river flows from east to west beneath the bridge. The bridge is a half-through truss with a single 40° skewed span of 32m. The deck falls from south to north and the carriageway way is approximately 7.3m wide with 2.3m wide footways to each side. The bridge comprises 2 no. riveted steel Pratt trusses with a curved top chord that are connected together with riveted steel transverse beams, which span perpendicular to the carriageway. Spanning between the transverse beams are longitudinal steel ‘I’ beam stringers which in turn support smaller steel ‘I’ section secondary transverse beams. This arrangement creates a square grillage which supports steel buckle plates with a layer of mass concrete directly above them. The main trusses are connected at each end with riveted steel trimmer beams, which also supports one end of three transverse beams at each end of the bridge. At each corner of the bridge where the trimmer beams connect to the main trusses, the bridge is supported by large cast iron rocker bearings. The bearings are fixed at the south abutment and longitudinally guided at the north abutment. The abutments and wing walls are masonry faced mass concrete with spread footing foundations. The wing walls are parallel to the A65 road and terminate in a pilaster with retaining walls adjoining them at the south side of the bridge. Adjacent to the northwest wingwall there are some steps which provide access to a public footpath.



Scope of work:

  • Erection of scaffold/encapsulation to allow corrosion protection of ferrous materials by industrial coatings to existing structural steelwork.
  • Traffic/pedestrian management
  • Structural Steel Repairs (CE)
  • Abrasive blasting and painting of structural steelwork – approx.

Project KPIs.

100% Client Satisfaction

Project Requirements and Challenges

  • Max. 13-week programme
  • Traffic/Pedestrian management system implemented with minimal disruption to local residents and road user’s
  • Working in close proximity to other trades – safety paramount
  • All works completed during Covid-19 pandemic in accordance with government guidelines with no reported cases.


Ben Savage – Assistant Engineer

“Overall it was a good scheme, I look forward to future schemes and give my thanks to all involved.”