Hygiene Solutions for your Compliance Needs Back

Date published: March 23, 2020

Hygiene Solutions for your Compliance Needs

Hankinson are one of the UK's leading approved applicators for Hygienic Coatings, now to meet the demands created by COVID 19 the company is providing Deep Cleaning and Disinfection. Our solutions include antimicrobial scrubbing, disinfection and ULV fogging. We cover the compliance requirements which apply to the range of recognised standards, for example Physically Clean, Chemically Clean, and Bacteriologically Clean - up to and including NHS standards C4(a) and C21. We quality assure each deep clean through specifications, supervision, audit and certification. This is suitable for areas where visitors suspected or cofirmed cases of COVID 19 have visited.

So for information on both Hygienic Coatings and Deep Clean and Disinfection call Andy Besford on 07887 895731