Hankinson and Johnstones Colour Palette Announcement. Back

Date published: August 10, 2021

To celebrate Hankinson 45th anniversary, we have worked with Johnstones to create a colour palette which compliments our branding and company values. 

The palette of greens, which nods to sustainability, wellbeing and biophilic design, is made up of forest tones and shades that have a fresh and rich quality, offering a natural hit of nature to any project. It taps into the focus and reconnection with the outdoors, creating a reassuringly calm appeal that can enrich every building, the lives of the people and the 


The colour palette is comprised of the following colours from our Voice of Colour palette:

1138-7 Midnight Clover - a dark, shaded, verdant green with a teal undertone.

1221-7 Funky Frog - a pure, chartreuse green with an electric green undertone.
1118-7 Country Barn - a dark, subdued, lush green with an organic green undertone.
1221-6 Moss Point Green - a deep, subdued, glass bottle green with a vine undertone.
1131-6 Succulent Leaves - a deep, muted, crisp clover green with a Blue/Yellow undertone.
1133-6 Painted Turtle - a deep, subdued, billiard green with an azure undertone.

Read what Donna Taylor, Principle Technical Colour Consultant at PPG, had to say about the colour palette below:


Green is the most balanced colour. It’s placement within the wavelengths of light is centralised, so no adjustment is needed when it strikes the eye. It is the colour of good luck, generosity, peace, harmony, refreshment, growth & nature.  When the world is plentiful of green it indicates the presence of water and calm, green assures us the world around us is alive.  Physiologically it has been seen to lower blood pressure, and relieve headaches and neuralgia.


Read what Stephen Hankinson, chairman at Hankinson, has to say below.