From Blasting to Painting to Gilding, are Hankinson the Most Diverse Painting Contractor in the UK? Back

Date published: July 8, 2014

As the Hankinson Painting Group celebrates winning the Industrial Category of the Painting Decorating Association Annual Trophy Awards 2014 for works at Rockingham Street Bridge, London the Company reflected on the diversity of its services.

Having also won the Decorative category of these awards twice in the last 7 years for specialist decorative works St. George’s Hall, Liverpool and The Trafford Centre, Manchester, we wonder  if any other contractor is diverse and what other Company employs, Blasters, Painters and Gilders?

The Gilder is an artist with his/her main tool being a specialist brush and the Blaster is an artist with his/her main tool being a high pressure blasting gun.  Both completely different however each creates work of the highest quality and standard.

In order to view the outstanding diversity that the Company has to offer please take a look at the company brochure which features the work of Hankinson Gilder, Blasters and Painters.

Example of work done by Hankinson Gilders at St. Georges Hall