Carbon Footprint Reductions at the Hankinson Group Back

Date published: November 30, 2018

The Hankinson Group bi-annual Health, Safety, Wellbeing and Environmental Review Meeting has taken a giant leap forward in embracing technology to reduce their Carbon Footprint. The collaborative meeting is attended by representatives from all divisions and offices of the Hankinson Group. We therefore have a significant impact on the environment as our staff from around the UK descend on our Birkenhead office. The carbon emissions from the vehicles, the safety risks associated with driving and the time lost from the working day whilst driving, has been the driving force behind our move to use Microsoft Teams to complete the meeting. The technology allows us to meet “face-to-face” whilst sharing the documents relevant to the meeting. The format of the meeting proved popular with the attendees and it was calculated that we saved 148 kg of CO2!

We intend to use this method for all future HSWE meetings and other Group meetings and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams. We will be keeping a running total of the CO2 that online meeting attendance saves, so watch this space and we will keep you updated.