Quality Policy Statement

Whittle Programmed Maintenance is a medium sized painting and property maintenance company in Wirral and operating nationally. It offers its service to Commerce and Industry.

We are committed to our customers and to carrying out our work to the highest standards. The satisfaction of our customers is vital and we will offer an unrivalled level of customer care. We are committed to not only maintaining our ISO9001 registration but also to continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

We are committed to generating sufficient profit to finance continual improvement and growth of the business, whilst providing our stakeholders with an adequate return on their investment.

We recognise that our employees are the biggest assets and we will endeavour to develop all levels of employees and to operate our procedures to the recognised standard of ‘Investors in People’. We will reward people on the basis of contribution and effort.

We will always expect the highest quality from our suppliers and, in return, we will treat them as we expect to be treated by our customers.

We are part of the community in which we operate, and we will involve ourselves where we believe we can help. We will always display the highest ethical standards in all that we do. In particular, we will consider the interests of the general public and travelling public as well as other stakeholders when enhancing customer satisfaction.

We understand our environmental role and we will ensure, when given the opportunity, that we do not use any products or methods that damage the environment.